I have installed ReviewBoard 1.6.1 on both an Ubuntu 10.04 server and a 
W2K3 R2 server, trying to get ReviewBoard happy with our CVS repository. 
The behavior I am seeing when trying to configure the repository is the 
same on both systems.
When I attempt to add the CVS repository, I cannot specify just a simple 
:pserver path and then supply the Username and Password. Our CVS server is 
really CVSNT, and it is using Active Directory domain accounts (which 
happen to be in a different domain than the Windows system) for 
authentication. For that reason, the username needs to be in the form 
The only way I seem to be able to add the CVS repository is if I put 
EVERYTHING into the Path field. For example:
Is the backslash in the username not being handled properly when it is in 
the Username field? I hope not, because I really can't have the password in 
clear text in the Path field.

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