We use mercurial.

In order to have a meaningful and concise description for each
changeset, we usually split a bug fix or a feature implementation in
multiple changesets. This workflow helps the reviewer as it is clear
what the developer wants to do at each step.

Using post-review to create a review of all outgoing changesets, it
folds all changesets into one gigantic diff which makes it hard for
the reviewer to understand the sequence of steps toward the solution,
reducing the chance to discover a step is incorrect. For a new
developer, it is harder to learn from a gigantic diff than from a
series of concise diff with a clear description.

So my question is how do we create one single review, listing each
changeset separately with its respective description and also allow
separate commenting for each changeset? We still want to have all
those changesets part of once single review because they are related
to the same bug/feature.

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