I need to present a reviewBoard demo to different applications teams,
I create a test environment with ReviewBoard 1.5.6 on a fedora box.

The web server is working I was able to add a repositories and manual
diffs but when I tried to use post review I got problems.

My subversion server is on SunOn
My ReviewBoard is on Fedora, Apache, FastCGI
The Client I'm working on right now is Windows XP. I'll need to test
on Linux and MAC later.

I configured some users on reviewBoard
I have different users to access the repository
My windows user is different from the 2 above.

To install post-review on Windows,
  Installed Active Python
  installed RBToolds
  Installed GNU Diff (setup package from GNUWIN32)

I checkout and modify some files from subversion
Add the property to the folder: svn propset reviewboard:url http://eng-build2-f9

When I tried post-review, I'm getting:
==> HTTP Authentication Required
Enter authorization information for "Web API" at eng-build2-f9
Error creating review request: You are not logged in (HTTP 401, API
Error 103)

Which username should I use there? I'm configure apache but I don't
know it very well.

Could you help me please?

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