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> On Thu, 2011-11-10 at 13:29 -0800, Christian Hammond wrote:
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> > Good question.
> >
> > mod_wsgi is, it seems, the future of Python web service integration.
> > It's become the de facto standard at this point. mod_python is dead,
> > and fastcgi is not the most reliable thing out there (at least, we've
> > hit many issues with it). So I think it wouldn't be terrible to depend
> > on it, and it's certainly what we plan to support going forward. That
> > said, people should always still be able to choose alternatives if it
> > suits their needs. We'll just have different levels of support.
> Well, adding an RPM dependency on mod_wsgi won't *prevent* them from
> using something else, though it will mean that they are stuck with it on
> their system even if they're using FastCGI. I guess I'm looking for an
> answer to "is it worth caring about?"

Probably not. I believe we already say that it's recommended, and it's up
to them to install the dependency. I would say that unless fastcgi kicks
the bucket, or we drop support for it, what you're doing is fine. No sense
in installing another unneeded module if they're already using something


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