On 15/11/2011 16:50, mike wrote:
The repository path "/home/mwillis/work/dev" is not in the
list of known repositories on the server.

After looking around in the post-review docs, I found the --parent
parameter, which seems to be what I'm looking for.  It warns "This
only works with Git right now", but I was hoping that maybe the docs
were just outdated.  Alas, it gives me the same error:
That doesn't sound like an issue with the --parent option, it sounds like a configuration issue that is preventing either post-review or ReviewBoard itself from finding the repository.

mwillis@mwillis:~/work/dev-15600$ post-review --parent
The repository path "/home/mwillis/work/dev" is not in the
list of known repositories on the server.

Now I'm assuming that the problem is just that --parent doesn't
support mercurial.  Is that correct?  If so, I'm possibly willing to
submit a patch to get it working.

To use ReviewBoard with your Mercurial workflow you will probably need to use parent diffs (assuming you want to have changes reviewed before pushing to your central repository). I can't comment on post-review's support for this as I've never used it, but you may want to try the ReviewBoard extension for Mercurial, which does support parent diffs and largely automates the process of submitting them.

See http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/ReviewboardExtension

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