I'm currently preparing to roll out ReviewBoard to a development team,
and am experimenting with different approaches to do reviews. The
server is a windows server (I can't help that fact).

I've been testing with various diffs extracted from our subversion
history, and mostly this works fine, but it breaks down on a subset of
SQL scripts in our repository.

These SQL scripts can be > 10 MB in size. They have a sort of internal
versioning, meaning content only gets added to the bottom, usually in
small increments (100 line in the typical case, 5000 lines in a worst-
case). When I include them in a diff, even for a small change, it
takes *minutes* to load the diff in the diff viewer. Looking at the
logs patch.exe seems like it is to blame for this. Enabling memcache
didn't make a big difference for these files.

How can I make the diff viewer perform better for these files? Is the
only solution to split them up?

Joeri Sebrechts

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