I am attempting to install reviewboard 1.6.3 on Apache 2.2 + fastCGI.
Sqlite 3 is the database I chose since I was just working on the
initial setup.  Ubuntu 10.10 is my development platform.  After
installation of RB, the homepage reports that there is some problem
and that the data directory requires permission.  The data directory
is owned by the user used to run the web server.  There are no log
messages clearly explaining what exactly went wrong.  I need some help
in identifying the cause here.

apache : Version 2.2 built and intalled from code.
fastCGI : Version 2.4.6 built and intalled from code
Sqlite : version 3 installed on path
ReviewBoard : Version 1.6.3.  installed by easy_install
Python : Version 2.6 - OS compilation.
ubuntu 10.10.

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