Hi Elardus,

you can simply add what you want to display in an E-Mail by editing the
corresponding template file(s) of your reviewboard installation. For
example for new review requests:


For all types of messages sent there is such a template. Inside these
templates you can refer to dynamic data by using django tags. The one you
want is probably {{review_request.repository}}.
If you want that information in the subject you can edit the corresponding
code in reviewboard/notifications/email.py.

Regards, Ruben

On 2011-11-28 14:41, elard...@digicore.co.za wrote:

>I set up a ReviewBoard server and we are starting to use it now.
>However, we have many repositories set up on it (20+) and the review
>emails do not state the repository/project the email pertains to.
>Therefore it is difficult by just looking at the review request to
>know which project it relates to.
>Is it possible to add this functionality somehow?

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