With reviewboard 1.6.3 configured LDAP Authentication.  Here is the
setting used

> Unchecked  "Allowed anonymous read-only accesss"
> Authentication Method "LDAP"
> LDAP server "ldap://<hidden>"
> LDAP Base DN "<hidden>"
> Given Name attribute "givenName"
> Surname attribute "sn"
> Full name attribute "displayName"
> Email domain - Not set. Left blank
> Email LDAP attribute "mail"
> Unchecked "Use TLS for Authentication"
> User mask "(cn=%s)"
> Anon user mask "<hidden>"
> Anon user pass "<hidden>"

Use case : Login as LDAP user fails.
Error message from reviewboard log :
2011-12-01 13:08:19,474 - WARNING - LDAP error: The specified object
does not exist in the Directory or provided invalid credentials:

The same credentials when tried with Apache Directory Studio (LDAP
client) successfully passed. So, there is no authentication failure
from LDAP server.

Questions :
>> Is the user mask (cn=%s) a LDAP filter which will eventually result in FQDN 
>> of the user ?
For example, cn=testuser,ou=user,ou=india,dc=example,dc=com is the
FQDN for which the user will login as testuser.  Is this right ?
>> The error message reported is not clear.  Is the Named Object not found or 
>> was it the authentication failure.  Is there any setting to turn on for 
>> enhanced logging ?

This is urgent as the code review data is piling up offline and will
become cumbersome to feed data later.

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