First, let me say thank you for a great tool. We've been having a
lotof good success with ReviewBoard to date and with the exception of
afew small features we're hoping to be able to help with, it's
aresounding victory for our team.
The two features that have been frequently "pushed" to me are:
When replying to comments from multiple reviewers in a single
reviewrequest feedback to each reviewer gets "Publish"ed
separately,generating multiple emails. It would be great to have these
groupedtogether. Another option (and this is really a completely
separatefeature) would be to have a daily email of all the activity.
Sort oflike a mailing list can be subscribed to.
We would love to be able to provide a categorization on
reviewcomments. This is by far the biggest "feature" we would like.
That waywe could set up rules to block the release of code which has
reviewcomments of a certain level. A dropdown on the review comment
orseries of checkboxes (though a dropdown allows for the ability
todefine custom levels in the admin interface) much like the
(openissue) checkbox would be perfect.
Incidentally... How do you see the "issues" that are open withoutgoing
into each review request and looking through each review foropen

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