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> I'm glad to see the "Add File" feature added to ReviewBoard.
> It would be even cleaner to remove the "Add Screenshot" button and
> have ReviewBoard automatically treat files with image extensions (PNG,
> etc.) as screenshots.

This is actually part of the plan. Step 1 was to get file attachments in
there. We'll be a bit closer in 1.7, if not finished. The plan is to make
file attachment review a thing, and to make it flexible enough where we can
provide review UI for images but also allow for extensions to provide their
own for other file types. Depending on how much we end up doing for 1.7, we
may fully get there for images, and when we have that, I plan to remove
screenshot uploading.

> Would it be possible to annotate regions of a non-image file, such as
> a PDF? If so, we would not need to differentiate between screenshots
> and other file types at all.

I would love something like PDF review, but it's unlikely we'll provide it.
That's a considerable amount of work. We'd need a PDF-to-canvas/image/HTML
renderer and a review UI for it. I'm hoping once we have proper extension
support, others may write such things. If we provide that feature, it'll
likely be a for-sale add-on.


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