On Thursday 29 December 2011 12:00:07 pm Nicolas Vinot wrote:
> First, Mercurial SSH support is broken on RB, but because SCM URL is
> mandatory and must point to real existing repo, I have to use filesystem
> path instead of ssh:// (fortunately, RB and mercurial-server are on the
> same server). But in this case, the push URL of my repo is not the one
> configured in RB, so post-review is a very mess when I want to submit a new
> review. I have to put my hands into post-review's code to see it looks for
> an undocumented « reviewboard »-named push URL (I preferred to patch
> post-review to look into mercurial hgrc instead).

RB needs to dump the content of files at certain revision to perform the 
Mercurial does not allow this 'cat' command remotely over SSH. It's working 
locally only, or as a workaround the web interface has a raw URL that RB can 
use if you publish via HTTP.

PS: I am using http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/ReviewboardExtension in place 
of post-review.

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