I'm a bit of a newbie to setting up Review Board so it's possible that
I missed a step or, likely, missed an implicit step, but I have two
problems which may or may not be related.

I'm setting up a new Review Board instance, trying to mirror some of
the settings from a separate (working) installation (this new instance
needs to connect to a different Perforce repository and be hosted on a
separate machine for other reasons). This is a redhat 5.4 server with
everything mentioned in the setup instructions installed, a mysql db
(that seems to have the proper tables).

1) LDAP authentication is not working. I'm able to determine that it's
getting a 'WARNING - LDAP error: {'desc': "Can't contact LDAP
server"}' error in the logs when it runs
settings.LDAP_ANON_BIND_PASSWD) in LDAPBackend's authenticate(). I
have the UID set, the password set as well. I'm not sure how to test
this from the shell, but the settings are identical to my other
working instance and it doesn't work here (making me think that
there's some sort of machine-configuration issue; something not in the
setup documents?)

2) Perforce always gives me 'A repository was not found at the
specified path' when I supply Name, 'Show this repository' checked,
Hosting service: Custom, Repository type: Perforce, Path:
<perforceserver from p4 info's Server address>, Username:
<myusername>, Bug Tracker NOT checked, Publicly accessible checked,
Encoding blank, and Local site alternately ----- and a local site I
created (neither setting works).
I know that the user name works because from using p4 -p
<perforceserver> -u <myusername> login (and supply the password); I
get the same error if I supply the password in the Password field in
the form.

If you have any leads for either issue (or both!), I'd be greatly
appreciative. Thanks! If there's any further details that would help,
please let me know.

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