I since resolved this; it appears that SELinux was running and
blocking ports. Hooray...

On Jan 12, 3:32 pm, Matt N <matt.newk...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a bit of a newbie to setting up Review Board so it's possible that
> I missed a step or, likely, missed an implicit step, but I have two
> problems which may or may not be related.
> I'm setting up a new Review Board instance, trying to mirror some of
> the settings from a separate (working) installation (this new instance
> needs to connect to a different Perforce repository and be hosted on a
> separate machine for other reasons). This is a redhat 5.4 server with
> everything mentioned in the setup instructions installed, a mysql db
> (that seems to have the proper tables).
> 1) LDAP authentication is not working. I'm able to determine that it's
> getting a 'WARNING - LDAP error: {'desc': "Can't contact LDAP
> server"}' error in the logs when it runs
> ldapo.simple_bind_s(settings.LDAP_ANON_BIND_UID,
> settings.LDAP_ANON_BIND_PASSWD) in LDAPBackend's authenticate(). I
> have the UID set, the password set as well. I'm not sure how to test
> this from the shell, but the settings are identical to my other
> working instance and it doesn't work here (making me think that
> there's some sort of machine-configuration issue; something not in the
> setup documents?)
> 2) Perforce always gives me 'A repository was not found at the
> specified path' when I supply Name, 'Show this repository' checked,
> Hosting service: Custom, Repository type: Perforce, Path:
> <perforceserver from p4 info's Server address>, Username:
> <myusername>, Bug Tracker NOT checked, Publicly accessible checked,
> Encoding blank, and Local site alternately ----- and a local site I
> created (neither setting works).
> I know that the user name works because from using p4 -p
> <perforceserver> -u <myusername> login (and supply the password); I
> get the same error if I supply the password in the Password field in
> the form.
> If you have any leads for either issue (or both!), I'd be greatly
> appreciative. Thanks! If there's any further details that would help,
> please let me know.

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