I'm further in my quest for a functioning Review Board setup, this
time blocked at post-review.

With all of my perforce variables (P4PORT, P4USER, P4CLIENT, P4PASSWD)
in local system variables, I run post-review --server=http://site-
redacted/subdir --username=user --password=pass --submit-as=mnewkirk -
o 586239 -d  (note: obviously site-redacted/subdir is obfuscated, as
are the username/password of user/pass; the actual site/subdir is
correct, as are the user/pass, and 586239 is a valid changelist number
on my set repository)

I end up with a 404, with the title being "Page not found at /subdir/
api/json/accounts/login/" (again, note that 'subdir' is obfuscated).
The debug shows:
HTTP POSTing to http://site-redacted/subdir/api/json/accounts/login:
{'username': 'user', 'password': '************'}

Review Board is set up at http://site-redacted/subdir so this appears
to be correctly mapped. Am I supposed to have an api directory in my /
var/www/[subdir]/ directory containing these things? If so, how do I
get that installed? I believe I followed all of the steps from the
Review Board and post-review installation pages but may have missed

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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