I had set up a ReviewBoard server with a subversion deployment via
svnserve and ssh. They are both on the same server. Everything is
working OK, minus the fact that is running incredibly slow. The VPS
I'm running on is a cheap one, so I don't have big expectations from
it, but I encountered something strange.

Being on the server, I narrowed down where exactly it was slow.
Everytime rbssh is invoked, the operation gets slow. So I tried the

ssh reviewboard@ (runs under a second)
rbssh reviewboard@ (runs in about 30s)

Looking at the stacktrace of rbssh, it appears that is stuck waiting
for the connection in the paramiko library. So it might be a paramiko
problem, rather than a rbssh problem, but I am just wondering if
anyone has any ideas why could it go so slow. The authentification is
made with keys.

Thank you for this great product,

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