Hi All,

I'm having problems understanding exactly how post-review should work
as all attemtpts I make to use it don't seem to work as I expect.

I have an ubuntu 11.10 x64 server on which I'm running the review
board website via apache, I have path.to.reviewboardwebsite in the
below command in the host file and I'm using subversion - the checkout
doesn't exist on the server, instead I'm providing the repo url and
the branch url in the command below.

This is the command I'm issuing.

post-review --summary="summary" --description="description" --
repository-url=svn://somerepourl --server=http://
path.to.reviewboardwebsite --username=somebody --password=password --
target-people=andrewmurray --branch=svn://branch/url --revision-
range=3919:4067 --publish

I don't get any errors or feedback from the terminal, instead I get a
massive ream of what looks like code being echoed to the terminal
(potentially the output of a diff operation?) and it eventually stops.
I don't know if it's of any use but the last thing echoed is "svn:
'diff' returned 2\n"] At this point, due to no errors I'm assuming
that it has created the new review request and that when I browse to
the review board website I'll see the new review request. However,
there are no review requests listed at all.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be and how I might
fix it?

Many thanks,

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