I found the next "problem" while we were piloting reviewboard in our
organization. We have ~250 repositories, and the post-review tool
get's really slow when it's trying to find out the right repository
for the provided url. (and it's not in the top 50)

I use the tool like this:

post-review --repository-url=$URL $BR --branch=$BR --revision-range
$REV --server=http://rb.xxxx.net/ --user=$USR $EXT

So than it starts to collect xml-s from the server to find the right
repo. Are there any better way ? I mean I may provide the repository
"name" which we most probably looking for here...

And from one of my users:

Is it possible to upload changes from svn by using the tool web
interface ? (I guess no, but as I see it's a good further development
idea.) In fact I would be happy to implement this by myself, but I
know only python, no django knowledge :-( So the idea would be that
user provide:
- The repository (by selecting the name)
- branch (by input field)
- revision-range (by input field)


P.S.: Thanks for the great tool ! I hope you don't get this mail as
complaining, I just wanted to give some feedback about your super
tool !

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