I get error (post-review -d (...)):
">>> RBTools 0.3.2
>>> Home = /Users/censored
>>> svn info
>>> git rev-parse --git-dir
>>> git symbolic-ref -q HEAD
>>> git config --get branch.master.merge
>>> git config --get branch.master.remote
>>> git config remote.origin.url
>>> git config remote.origin.url
Failed to execute command: ['git', 'config', 'remote.origin.url']"

Why it tries to use git? I want to use post-review with perforce. I
was trying different options with post-review command but nothing
worked i.e.:
post-review -d --p4-client=MyPerforceWorkspace --p4-port=censored.com:
1234 --server=http://censored --username=censored 1234
//^ I did change correct values to censored etc, I checked them 20x
times and they should be correct

I use:
RBTools 0.3.2 //this git error doesnt appear when I use 0.3.4 version
but instead I can't pass authentication because network infrastructure
at my work needs older version (0.3.2) to pass authentication
Python 2.5.4
Perforce version: Rev. P4/MACOSX105U/2011.1/393975 (2011/12/16).
git version
I have p4 command line tool working.
I did export perforce variables like export P4CLIENT, P4PORT and

so the question is: how can I force post-review to use p4 and not git?

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