Today I came across this problem for a review request with the diff
attached (TCL file, clearcase, RB 1.6RC1). This diff is successfully
uploaded. However when one tries to "View Diff", reviewboard hangs and
never comes out. If I try to login from other browser session (another
review request), sometimes it hangs forever.

This is not C/C++ diff file, it is in TCL and some .def/config files.
We have been using RB to great success for last 6 months without any
problems for C/C++ code. Now our Test Automation team (TCL based) is
inspired and wants to use this. However we hit this problem today.

Workaround: Turn of the global setting (admin login) for Syntax
Highlighting to OFF. This is of course not a good on as this would
deprive us of this great feature for C and C++ code which is something
we don't want.

I searched the archives but I am not able to conclude. If anyone has
come across this problem, any help/solution/suggestion would be very

Thanks and Regards,

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