I really appreciate the effort you have taken up. I recently finished
installing review board on our Linux server and was thoroughly frustrated
because of all the underlying dependencies. It took me several iterations
to figure out on how to just get it up and running.

I will will definitely check this out and let you know feedback, if any


On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 7:51 AM, Fernando Ruiz <ferna...@bitrock.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am one of the BitNami project developers. We package popular
> opensource web applications and make them
> available as freely available installers, virtual machines and Amazon
> Machine images. I am writing because I wanted to
> let you know that we are working on an installer that greatly
> simplifies the installation of Review Board and runtime dependencies.
> It includes ready-to-run versions of Apache (with mod_wsgi), MySQL,
> Python and Memcached. It also includes integration with Subversion,
> Git and Mercurial out of the box.
> You can download it here:
> http://clients.bitrock.com/**files/reviewboard/20120210/**
> bitnami-reviewboard-1.6.3-0-**linux-installer.run<http://clients.bitrock.com/files/reviewboard/20120210/bitnami-reviewboard-1.6.3-0-linux-installer.run>
>  md5: 50b1e9f212f09fb13bb988839d2df8**85
> http://clients.bitrock.com/**files/reviewboard/20120210/**
> bitnami-reviewboard-1.6.3-0-**linux-x64-installer.run<http://clients.bitrock.com/files/reviewboard/20120210/bitnami-reviewboard-1.6.3-0-linux-x64-installer.run>
>  md5: 359dcd6dcee3ea67d263c04aaeee3a**59
> If you have a few minutes, we would appreciate if you can check the
> stack and provide your feedback and suggestions. We plan to release
> the native installers (for Linux), pre-configured virtual machines and
> Amazon Images soon but we would really like to have your feedback
> first, to make sure we
> are not making any dumb mistakes and to learn about any improvement
> suggestions you may have.
> Please let us know if this is not the right place to ask for this kind
> of feedback
> Best regards,
> Fernando Ruiz
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