I want to use the command Post-review on subversion(tortoise SVN). OS is winXP.
 Firstly, easy_install -U RBTools;
 2nd: setup subversion comandline version/
 3rd : Add RB URL in SVN:  reviewboard:url   
 4th:  Add file .reviewboardrc in the root path of project ; config this file 
as following:
5th: changed to the root path of the project with CD command  in commandline 
and run post-review with -d. the command line window display:
>>> RBTools 0.3.4 >>> Home = C:\Documents and Settings\zhibin.wang\Application 
>>> Data >>> svn info The current directory does not contain a checkout from a 
>>> supported source code repository.  
What's the wrong with my operation?  how can I resolve this problem?
thank you very much!and have a happy valentine's day!

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