I am using Reviewboard-1.5.1 which doesn't require a
checkout of a repository on the server where reviewboard is running.

I am having trouble when configuring the URL of the repository.

We have set the git repo config as follows:

Method 1
Path: u...@mydomain.com:test/test1.git
Mirror Path: u...@mydomain.com:test/test1.git
Raw file URL mask: u...@mydomain.com:test/test1.git

Method 2
Path: u...@mydomain.com:test/test1
Mirror Path: u...@mydomain.com:test/test1
Raw file URL mask: u...@mydomain.com:test/test1

And have tried other similar combinations.

The repos got added successfully but when I post for review it throws
the following error

"Error creating review request: The repository path specified is not
in the list of known repositories (code 206)"

1. What might be the issue?/ Are we missing something?

2.  Is there any way that without having a local checkout to access
entire remote repository?

I could see from the Reviewboard documentation that

"Review Board can access a remote file by talking to a cgit or gitweb
server. This is done by filling out the Raw file URL mask field to
tell Review Board how to access a single file based on revision.

For Gitweb:

http://servername/?p=relative path to git

3. So, is it that we can access only an individual file but not the
entire remote repository?

If so,

4. Should we configure Path and Raw file url mask for each and every
file in
the remote repository?


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