I'm trying to link ReviewBoard to a code repository, specifically a
Subversion repository. I have the URL that we use to get to the code, but I
think we have a proxy of some kind and that it might be blocking the site
from recognizing the repository.

I believe the proxy is set up specifically for SVN and not the internet as
a whole, so I didn't think it qualified as the whole box behind 'behind the
proxy server' -- meaning I didn't set up the http-proxy variable before
running the easy_install. But even before installation both the server RB
is hosted on and the machine I'm accessing the site from had access to the
SVN repository -- both machines can browse/checkout/commit/etc code.
However when I try to add the repo from the admin dashboard I get an error
that that no repository exists at the specified path. Anyone have any ideas?

An additional question for when I do get connected -- I can input a
username/pw on the admin console for the repository, however everyone here
has their own username/pw for SVN. Is there a way that they can each
connect to SVN, through reviewboard, with their own ID?

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