On Mon, 2012-02-27 at 11:05 -0800, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> It's possible it runs with 1.2.x, but there is absolutely no testing
> of this on our end anymore. 1.3 is compatible with 1.2.x, but I
> understand you have certain guidelines to work with.
> This is a difficult issue, but we basically can't stand still on our
> end. It was a mistake for us not to just require 1.3 in 1.6.0, but
> from here on out, that may just need to be our requirement. Another
> issue is that we have dependencies that themselves require Django, and
> we may end up being forced into some versions of Django before long.
> We've talked internally about ways to speed up our releases, and
> likely in 1.7.x we'll end up staying on that release for some time,
> with new features coming in, until the massive amount of work that 2.0
> will need is done. That will also mean the occasional dependency bump,
> which may include Django versions. Perhaps we'd move to something
> closer to Chrome, with more frequent releases without major version
> bumps.
> I'd say on your end, for now, do some testing to see if it works with
> 1.2.x, and then perhaps patch your copy that you ship. If it works,
> maybe we can roll back our version, but I'm certain this will come up
> again. If the Django version can't be updated for RHEL/CentOS users,
> it may be possible that we'll just have to cut off certain point
> releases for RHEL/CentOS releases, and give more advanced users who
> know they want to upgrade access to some repo that contains the
> version with a newer Django, or just let them upgrade by themselves
> the old-fashioned way.

Yeah, I'll try to do a bit of testing. Part of the problem is that I
don't maintain the Django packages in EPEL, just the ReviewBoard
packages. How certain are we that Django 1.3 is fully ABI compatible
with 1.2? I seem to recall hitting an issue in 1.5.7 where we had
trouble with MySQL and the upgrade script because some ABI had changed
between 1.1 and 1.2. I'd prefer to avoid such hassles where possible.

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