On Friday 16 March 2012 01:29:43 Christian Hammond wrote:
> Diffs don't record changes to binary files, so there's nothing to see or
> preserve. Are you trying to re-apply this somewhere else?

No. One of our developers was changing files in a git branch. All those files 
happened to be binary files, so of course the generated diff would not show the 
actual file changes, but it would list the files which were changed.
Now publishing that diff on reviewboard I would expect the same kind of 
information, and reviewboard does that by showing "This is a binary file. The 
content cannot be displayed." for such files.

The problem I have with the diff I attached in my previous mail is that 
reviewboard only shows this for the first file. That the second file was 
as well is completely ignored and nowhere to be seen. I checked the database 
to see whether the information was present and simply not displayed, but it 
was missing there as well. So I would assume something goes wrong after 
uploading the diff and before storing it in the db.


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