I am trying to setup reviewboard server to work with GIT repository.
We have a central GIT repository managed by gitosis (ssh based tool).
My reviewboard server setup seems ok. But I am a little confused with
uploading the code review on it as the documentation on reviewboard
site seems out of date to me (as per the mail archive on this group).
The model I would like to use is the following.

a) All the developers clone from the central repo.
b) They make changes locally and commit them in their local branch.
c) Upload the review using post-review.

For c), I am trying to follow the following steps:

1) git config reviewboard.url http://<IP_reviewboard_server>/<web_server_name>
2) post-review --parent=master --tracking-branch=origin/master

Here, origin would be the central git server (gitoisis@...)

Does reviewboard work with above configuration?

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