I have two respositories on my system, Perforce and SVN.

I can successfully use post-review to post a numbered changeset (pre-
commit) to ReviewBoard.

When I run:

from my SVN workspace, it attempts to build a patch from the P4
default changeset and finds no files.
(I have modified some files in my SVN workspace).

in my .reviewboardrc I have:
REVIEWBOARD_URL = "http://myServer/reviews/";

I know it was looking for a P4 changeset because previously I had some
files in my default changeset, and it was generating a patch for those

My SVN workspace is not a subdirectory of my P4 Client Root

My workspace is like:
workspace\p4\<p4 tree here>
workspace\<SVN Project Workspace>

p4 info yields for the Client Root:
<absolute path omitted>\workspace\p4\

I am on Windows 7 FWIW.

Any ideas?

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