On Apr 25, 2012, at 5:50, Christian Hammond wrote:

> Review Board 1.6.6 is out, and adds support for getting GitHub API tokens for 
> private repos.

I'm running ReviewBoard 1.5.4 on Centos 5.8, and would like to upgrade to 
something more recent (i.e., 1.6.6). However, I've only upgraded once before 
and it didn't go so well (Christian, you helped me out back then -- thanks 
again!), so I have been reluctant to upgrade.  What are the recommended steps 
to take before an upgrade in case you have to back out other than backing up 
your database?

Also, when I initially configured RB it was for a very small project and I 
didn't configure memcached.  Now the server is being used for a lot of projects 
and performance is beginning to suffer.  How do I configure RB to use memcached 
after the fact (I've already done a "yum install memcached" and a "easy_install 
python_memcached").  Finally, what does it take to move a site to a different 
server should I decided to take that route?


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