On Apr 30, 4:50 pm, Can Özmen <canoz...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Great work. I have a fresh 1.6.5 installed through BitNami on an EC2
> instance.
> What's the upgrade procedure? Couldn't find it on the site or in the admin
> dashboard of the app.
> P.S. I have nothing in my install so I can wipe if necessary.

For upgrading the BitNami installation you only need to take into
account the path in which ReviewBoard is installed. According to the
ReviewBoard official documentation the upgrade will involves two

1.- Upgrade ReviewBoard with easy_install. Load the BitNami
environment and execute:

easy_install --prefix apps/reviewboard --script-dir apps/reviewboard/
bin --install-dir apps/reviewboard/lib -U ReviewBoard

2.- Upgrade your sites. The default site is created in /opt/bitnami/

/opt/bitnami/apps/reviewboard/bin/rb-site upgrade /opt/bitnami/apps/

In any case if as you mention you don't have any data yet, it may be
easier just launched a new instance.

Best regards,


> On Wednesday, April 25, 2012 12:50:37 PM UTC+3, Christian Hammond wrote:
> > Hey everyone,
> > Review Board 1.6.6 is out, and adds support for getting GitHub API tokens
> > for private repos.
> > See the news post and release notes at
> >http://www.reviewboard.org/news/2012/04/25/review-board-166-released/
> > Christian
> > --
> > Christian Hammond - chip...@chipx86.com
> > Review Board -http://www.reviewboard.org
> > VMware, Inc. -http://www.vmware.com

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