So I'm using Perforce and I upload my initial reviews (as well as follow up
changes and updates) using this command. Note that this is a "Custom Tool"
in P4V:

%C --server= --p4-client=$c --p4-port=$p
--username=user --password=password

%C is the changelist number in Perforce
$c is the current workspace
$p is the current port

The problem I'm experiencing is updates to code in my changelist being
included in my diffs in reviewboard. So suppose I have files checked out in
my changelist. If I do a "get latest" from Perforce, and some of those
checked out files get changed, and I resolve conflicts, those updates I
pulled down will now show up in my diff. Reviewboard should not be showing
these changes in my diff, in other words, Reviewboard needs to use the
latest base of each file when diffing, which it does not. It continues to
use the same revisions of the files that it originally used when the review
was first created.

Is there a fix for this?

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