On May 7, 2012, at 15:20, Christian Hammond wrote:

> That said, we do have a 1MB limit for diffs now (but that's not what you're 
> hitting), as Review Board can get bogged down if too many people are 
> processing large diffs at once. It's not configurable yet, but in general, 
> very large diffs can and should generally be avoided. They're quite hard to 
> review, and usually mean that there's some auto-generated code or something 
> in them that could be split out for the sake of review purposes.

Thanks for the quick response (as always).  We were able to work around this by 
removing the project file from the patch file and that reduced the size 
sufficiently that it accepted the review.

On a somewhat related issue, the performance of our ReviewBoard server (or lack 
thereof) has been a frequent source of complaints recently so I am probably 
going to set up a new server.  What is the biggest factor affecting ReviewBoard 
performance?  CPU speed, CPU count, available memory, disk speed, database, 
etc.?  I'd like to configure a new server (or possibly a VM) appropriately to 
get better performance.  What should I look out for?


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