Hi there,

I tried to upload a diff file generated by "svn diff", but I always get the 
error "Unable to parse diff revision header ' (revision 6886)'". I checked 
the revision of my file with "svn info" and assured that it is correct. I 
appended the file I want to upload. Has anyone any suggestions what is 
wrong here? I appreciate any help.

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Index: octeon_sdk/se_src/ipsec-gw/config.c
             (revision 6886)
             (revision 6886)
@@ -141,6 +141,10 @@
             ipgw_mpls_api (swp);
+        case SE_DRV_CFG_MLPPP:
+            ipgw_mlppp_api (swp);
+            break;
         case SE_DRV_CFG_TA:
             test_adapter_se_config_api (swp);

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