My assessment wasn't entirely correct.
Even with the command-line "p4" tool values set in a config file $P4CONFIG take precedence over other $P4* variables.

So that is a problem for post-review too.
If we run post-review with --p4-client it merely set os.environ['P4CLIENT'] and it will have no effect if $P4CONFIG points to a config file that sets a different client.

I'd say post-review needs to call p4 commands with -c p4_client, and other options too.

For the time being, since my environment already has all the values I need, I'm just calling os.environ.pop('P4CONFIG') in my wrapper before calling 'post-review'. That doesn't work too well if I just want to override one value but use the rest from my .p4rc.


On Thu, 24 May 2012 22:53:17 -0700, Dado Feigenblatt <> wrote:

I have a .p4rc file in my home account with my default perforce settings.
I need to remove that file in order to post a review for a changelist
created in another p4 client spec.
Setting $P4CLIENT or using --p4-client=<client> makes no difference,
although that works for p4 tools.
Is this a known problem and if so is there a means of working around
it, preferably via $P4CLIENT  ?


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