I have setup a review board on my Ubuntu machine (10.04).
When I try to add a repository which is on perforce server, following error 
message gets flashed everytime :
*[P4#run] Errors during command execution("p4 describe s1") [Error]: Client 
is too old to use this server. Please upgrade to a 2011.1 or later Perforce 
However I have installed latest P4 client avaialble on perforce website.
*p4 -V*  output : 
Rev. P4/LINUX26X86/2012.1/459601 (2012/05/11)
also* P4 info* gives following output:
Server Version : P4D/Linux26X86_64/2011.1/428451 (2012/03/08)
Minimum Client Level: 2011.1:70
What I understand is that I have version 2012.1 installed on my ubuntu 
machine and server to which I'm trying to connect allows 2011.1 or later 
client versions.
On my Ubuntu machine I can successfully perform P4 sync commands.
Can you please help me how to debug this problem or pint me where the 
problem could be.

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