I'm having the same issue but with SLES11.
I had installed the python-mysql plugin and made sure the db was on.. but I 
still get the same error when I try to start the reviewboard site..
On Friday, May 4, 2012 1:19:35 PM UTC-7, Paul wrote:
> Hi, 
> Trying to install reviewboard 1.6.6 on a mac (lion). I installed mysql- 
> python and mysql 5.5.23 and have it running. When I run sudo rb-site 
> install and get to the question regarding db, I don't see a mysql 
> option. It only shows sqlite3. Why doesn't the mysql option show up? 
> * What database type will you be using? 
>     You can type either the name or the number from the list below. 
>     (1) sqlite3 (not supported for production use) 
> Database Type: 
> Thanks, 
> Paul

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