So I gave up on my previous installation that just wasn't returning my
web requests.  No idea what was going on there, but I switched to a
new machine running Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 this time.

I have RB up now and the web requests are working fine.  My problem
now is that when I go to setup my source control repository the Add
repository page has a blank "Repository Type" dropdown list.

I'm using subversion so my guess is that there is some problem with my
pysvn installation.  I wasn't able to find an rpm package for my
distro so I built it manually.  I downloaded 1.7.6 from and followed the
instructions there.  The tests that I built seem to work so I'm not
sure what could be wrong.

Does anyone have ideas about how I can troubleshoot this.  Am I on the
right track that it's my pysvn installation that is the problem or is
there some other cause of having an empty dropdown list there?



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