I am using ClearCase as repository (we are on review Board 1.6). I am
on th e"new Review" screen and trying to upload the diff file. But I
am getting error

    The selected file does not appear to be a diff.

here are the values i have entered on th eGUI -

Repository: <selected the ClearCase repository> The clearcase setup is
OK and
Review Board is abel to access clearcase files.
Base Directory: /view/anujdas_oc4.6_patchset_view/vobs/tms
Diff:  Diff1.txt <this is the diff file i have generated manually
using cleartool diff command and redirected the output to Diff1.txt

I am sure I might be doing somethign wrong here.
Could you please let me know what is expected in the "Diff:" box .
I am using review board GUI.

Thanks in advamce for your help!

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