Hi all,

I was wondering what the current review process people use with Reviewboard
in terms of

* Raising a review
* Carrying out a review
* Moderating a review (if possible)
* Closing a review

We currently have reviewboard, but I'm used to using Crucible where it's
possible to:

* Assign a moderator for a review
* Assign one or more reviewers to do the review

Once all the reviewers are done with the review the person who raised the
review is made aware of this and can comment on each item raised.
If the moderator is happy with the outcome of each comment then they can
close the review.

I think this sort of process is missing at the moment in reviewboard and
that causes us a lack of clarity in terms of review progress and whether
it's possible to close the review.

Is there any sort of functionality planned in the roadmap of reviewboard to
improve the review process?

Many thanks,

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