Thanks for the help Christian.
I had an ah-ha moment during the reinstall.  I didn't notice an error
with the .python-eggs directory creation (not sure how i missed this
the first time, it was pretty obvious).

The basic problem was that i was doing sudo -s and then installing rb
from that shell.  My home directory was pointing to my original login
account and root didn't have access to create a .python-eggs directory
under my $HOME.  This was causing issues setting up  the SCMTools.
Once I set my home appropriately, blew away my database and
reinstalled, I now see these repositories populated.

Thanks again!


On Jun 11, 2:41 pm, Christian Hammond <> wrote:
> It looks like either there was a problem syncing the database initially or 
> the database was wiped. Assuming you don't have anything of value in there 
> yet, try nuking the database and starting over.
> Pay close attention to any errors shown in the terminal during rb-site 
> install.
> Christian

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