Hi Robert,

Sorry, I was a little unclear with my first question; I meant that we need 
to do separate reviews for each project. Is there some way to submit a 
single review that covers multiple projects? 

With regard to the workflow, there are a few options, but all of them have 
significant problems, mostly stemming from the fact that until after the 
review, the current workspace is on hold, and we can't make changes to that 
file. Some options are: 

   - We could do a post review, in which case we would need to keep track 
   mentally of which files to commit, which depends on the accuracy of human 
   - Make a new workspace and run post review there. In this case, we don't 
   get the Eclipse graphical diff unless we boot another copy of Eclipse. We 
   would like to be able to get Eclipse to show the diff without doing this 
   process, since there aren't other diff utilities that allow you to edit on 
   the fly.
   - Make a new workspace every time a review is submitted. This results in 
   the problem with costly multiple workspaces. 
   - Make a new workspace and trick Eclipse with symlinks. This results in 
   problems with adding and removing projects.
   - Revert the change in the current workspace and then re-apply it after 
   the review. The major problem is that you have to be at a point when you 
   can re-apply (ie. just committed something or finished another feature)

What are some ways that we can deal with having multiple workspaces (as 
most of these options entail)? How can we get around this?

Thank you very much,

On Thursday, June 21, 2012 12:56:48 PM UTC-7, Robert Munteanu wrote:
> Hi Jenny,
> On Thursday, June 21, 2012 8:47:11 PM UTC+3, Jenny Hong wrote:
>> How are people dealing with the workflow in the ReviewBoard plug-in for 
>> Eclipse? Some problems we are encountering are
>>    - doing separate posts for every review
>> How would you propose streamlining the process of posting reviews? 

>>    - changing workspaces to do pre-commit code reviews, which are 
>>    expensive.
> Why do you need to change workspaces to do pre-commit code reviews?

> Robert
>> Thanks!

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