First, thanks for this great product, I'm pushing it to get it at work 
instead of Code Collaborator, because, hem, opensource ? :p (I re-added the 
feeds in django 1.4, see https://github.com/reviewboard/reviewboard/pull/11 or 
tell me if you prefer the patch in reviewboard, but I was lacking 
post-review tools on the computer at that time ^^')

In our company, we want a lot of work to be automated, to avoid human error 
or DECEPTION (yeah, I nearly mean it :D)
To my surprise, the submitter can tell to ship his own code, but more 
important to our case, he can close it as submitted. 
And what was more surprising is that the reviewer couldn't close the review 
at all.
I understand that it is the behavior desired, but is it possible by user 
right configuration to allow closing only by reviewers ? And maybe more, 
automating closing the review if x or y reviewers pulled the ship it! 
trigger ?

Thank you !


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