Oh, could user A's ~/.post-review-cookies.txt have user B session ID?
User A is gone for the day.
I'll post back tomorrow after I have user A authenticating again.


On Mon, 16 Jul 2012 18:07:19 -0700, Dado Feigenblatt <d...@dado.org> wrote:

I have a user A who all of his review requests end up being owned by
another user B.
I tried it myself in a clean environment.
I became user A and posted a review with no extra arguments and it
also ended up being owned by user B.

I stepped through post-review up to when it calls
    rsp = self.api_post(review_request_href, data)
and successfully creates a new request.
At that point I checked the admin interface and the request was
already owned by user B.

For completeness sake, the arguments to the api post are

  review_request_href = http://rboard02v/api/review-requests/
  data = {'changenum': '714435', 'repository': 'perforce04:1666'}

I have no idea where user B is coming from.
The users say at one point user A was having problems posting a
review, then user B logged in and posted the review as himself.
They can't remember exactly what they did, but apparently this is
when the problems begun.
Whatever they did, I don't understand how that could "break" things
for user A permanently.

Using RBTools 0.4.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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