On Monday, July 30, 2012 5:53:04 PM UTC-5, iamagui wrote:
> Not sure, but looks like you are hitting the default website (viewvc) and 
> not reviewboard (rb). Is it possible to install just the rb in a separate 
> machine/server and try to connect to the SVN? I think you can have either 
> the default website or the rb but not both. I might be 200% wrong but 
> thought of posting this and check my answer. I am newbie too.
Can you give me some reasoning behind why you think it isn't possible?  For 
example, what in my post gives you impression that it isn't a solveable 
Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I cannot put Reviewboard on its own machine 
(or VM).  I can test it on another VM just to see if I can get it working 
by itself but if I can't get it to work alongside collabnet, I won't be 
able to use reviewboard.  Whatever code review software I end up using has 
to run on the same windows install as Collabnet.  Other than that, my only 
restrictions for getting this working is that I use collabnet "out of the 
box" in terms of binary files (I can't recompile anything used by collabnet 
but I can change the configuration).  

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