Hi Vijay,

Let's try few things.

1. Check if cmd finds 'diff' command. Send us the output of 'where
diff'. This should basically point to your GNU diff installation
directory ('C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin\diff.exe' in my
system). If it doesn't, add this path at the beginning of system
variable 'Path', run a new instance of cmd and execute 'where diff'

2. Go to %appdata%\Subversion and open 'config' file in text editor.
Check if diff tool is specified in this file (line should look like:

On 6 August 2012 12:41, Vijay Kumar Tiwary <vijayktiw...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> But I have installed the GNU Diff . How can I override the property
> and use GNU Diff . Do you have idea ?

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