When we have review requests containing new files we run into strange 
The reviewers can review the new files and everything seems to work as it 
should but when the review request creator tries to respond to the review 
the strangeness starts.
It is possible to upload an new diff but the changes between the revisions 
are not shown, instead both revisions are shown as new files (but the 
different revisions does show the different contents).
The review request creator can't mark issues as fixed/dropped. When 
clicking the fixed/dropped buttons they go grey but the action doesnt seem 
to be registered to any respond.
Adding respond comments to the review comments is possible but after the 
comments are added there is no way of publishing the comments. If the 
comments are added at the same time as the new diff is uploaded, the 
comments are not saved into that publish.

Any help would be appreciated.
(we are running 1.6.10 and 1.6.11 on different servers, but same problem on 


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