Dear All,

Till now its was working fine, now suddenly today when i posted review
requested i got below error message.

There was an error creating this review request.

The repository path "C077.msc.nds:1666" is not in the

list of known repositories on the server.

Ask the administrator to add this repository to the Review Board server.

For information on adding repositories, please read

I can see that i have already registered my perforce server to reviewboard,
dont know why it is not able to read perforce server.

Even i am providing the command as below still it is reading repository
information as localhost my desktop.

post-review -o --bugs-closed="PDR_TEST" --branch="DEV" --server= --submit-as=nileshj
--description-file="c:\users\nileshj\appdata\local\temp\1\tmpff8kua" 1583

posting review request...

>>> RBTools 0.3.4

>>> Home = C:\Users\nileshj\AppData\Roaming

>>> p4 info

>>> repository info: Path: C077.msc.nds:1666, Base path: None, Supports
changesets: True

>>> HTTP GETting api/

C:\Users\nileshj>p4 info
User name: nileshj
Client name: C077
Client host: C077
Client unknown.
Current directory: C:\Users\nileshj
Client address:
Server address:
Server root: /PFMETA/p4root
Server date: 2012/08/14 19:20:34 +0800 CST
Server uptime: 281:48:29
Server version: P4D/LINUX26X86_64/2010.2/284433 (2011/01/28)
Server license: Software Corporation 5 users (support ends 2013/02/06)
Server license-ip:
Case Handling: sensitive

Please help if i am missing any thing here ....please help

Thanks in advance.


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