did u get answer on how to do this?

On Thursday, January 7, 2010 5:35:56 PM UTC+5:30, JohnHenry wrote:
> Hi, all.
>    I am doing the task of RB integration with CVS server. We want to
> use "loginfo" file of CVS server to add scripts, so that after each
> code commit, a review-request will be generated for the commitor ( the
> review requestor ) automatically. But I found that, a script
> referenced by "loginfo" file will executed many times after one
> commition (if this commition files in different subdirectories).But I
> want that even if I had commited files of different subdirectories,
> the script will execute only once, so that I can make a single
> ReviewRequest for this commit. Can any body give me some suggestion?
> Best Regards!

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