This is on version 1.6.10 of Review Board.

So, the symptoms:
The submitter is unable to add comments to review notes placed on diffs, and is 
also unable to resolve/drop issues opened on these.
Adding comments to the review itself works without a problem.

I opened firebug and had a look at this, and I think I've found what's 
happening, altough I cannot say why it would be happening.
This piece of code from reviews.js is the culprit (at least for being unable to 
add comments):

(Or if you already have the source, jump to line 522 in reviews.js)

This is called when clicking OK of the comment window. The reason the code 
fails for us is that the value of context_type is "diff_comment", which is 
unexpected by the following if/else tree, causing it to go through the branch 
with the comment "Shouldn't be reached", and returning without taking any 

Similar thing happens with the resolve/drop buttons, value of context_type is 
"diff_comment" causing the code for them to also fail.

This is from the page source:
<script language="javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {

So that's where the diff_comments is coming from, and this is where I'll stop 
for now.

Can anyone more familiar with the code confirm this?

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