We are hosting a RB instance in our infrastructure, sitting behing Nginx 
and uWSGI. I would like to use X.509 certificates authentication.
Is there any way how to accomplish this? The problem is that Nginx cannot 
just pass connections through, so any SSL connection ends there. 

My ideas are:
1) Use fastcgi and pass necessary data as environmental variables, or
2) keep using the same architecture and use WSGI parameters instead.

The question is what variables/parameters shall I set? Found
("SSL_CLIENT_S_DN",        _("DN (Distinguished Name)")),
("SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_CN",     _("CN (Common Name)")),
("SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_Email",  _("Email address")),
in the sources, so I guess those are the variable names.

If those really are the variable names I should set, will it work also if I 
use WSGI parameters of the same name or not?

Please confirm or give a hint, I didn't manage to find any straightforward 
documentation on this, only sources :-)

Thanks a lot!

Ondrej Kupka

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